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P. Fundinger

"We thoroughly enjoyed the tour of Cyprus from the time we left the Ice House to the night we returned. You took wonderful care of us. Your arrangement of the island tours was superb. I think we got an excellent feel for the Cypriot culture and history. You allowed us sufficient free time for us to relax and enjoy the accommodations at the resort hotel. Beyond that, we feel the tour was an excellent value."

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Cyprus Tour

J. Garber

"It was a great trip because of how you arranged everything and I have bragged to several people how great you made the trip. The hotel and food was great. The different venues you had us visit were fantastic and we did not feel like we were herded as other groups we saw. The size of our group made for more bonding and a more enjoyable trip also. Your leadership and planning made a great trip."

"I had a wonderful time in Cyprus with our group of 12 people. As I wrote in a journal, `Claudia was our fearless leader. She would come up with alternate plans if things weren't working out.` The group was a very cohesive group and that was partly the result of Claudia's leadership. The food was so amazing. We had a wonderful breakfast buffet at the hotel where we stayed. I highly recommend this trip."

L. Bender

"Claudia took us on an amazing adventure throughout Cyprus. Her effervescent personality and love of the country filled each day with learning and laughter and always such delicious food. Breakfast overlooking the Mediterranean, exploring ruins, visiting small towns, immersing ourselves in the culture, browsing through shops, and every day ending with a sumptuous buffet with such a variety of foods. One of my favorite days was picking olives and then visiting the factory to watch them made into the finest olive oil. I cannot wait to return!"

F. Moore

"What we saw was amazing for me. I loved the history, both the current and the ancient. Friends and others wanted to hear about the trip. We did a program and the responses from the presentation were very favorable because hearing about the trip was so interesting for them. For me to walk where Barnabas walked was special. I read the Biblical account of Barnabas during our program to relate how meaningful it was for me. The Mediterranean diet came alive. Now, we sometimes even have salad for breakfast."

N. Sprinkel

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