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Hi friends,

Here at Traveling Olive we are eagerly awaiting "normal" life to return to some semblance of our past. Like many of you, we have a thirst for adventure. We have a wanderlust that isn't so easily tamed. We love to travel, to eat, drink and learn about new cultures. But more importantly, we love to connect.

With these troubled times, we know that many of you are still hoping to travel. But, like many of you, we are hunkering down. We are baking, learning to cook, learning new languages, all from the safety of our home. We know we are luckier than many of our counterparts around the world. We have more resources in the United States that, while this is an inconvenience, this too shall pass.

While we know that many of you are ready to travel, the world may not be. That's why Traveling Olive is offering fully refundable, safety-first travel. Put a low deposit down now for travel in Summer and Fall 2020. Grab the kids, grab your friends, and let's imagine a world that opens up for travel. The exciting journey awaits you. Come learn how to make cheese and bread with local artisans, cook with chefs, pick grapes and olives, and turn them into elixirs of the gods.

Until we see you again, stay safe and healthy.


Claudia Hanna

President, Traveling Olive

A Message from Claudia Hanna

A message from Claudia Hanna.

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